28 Tips on How to Get Smoother Body Skin and Face

Today, I will show you the step-by-step ways on how to get smoother body skin and a soft face in each season. Smooth body skin means healthy skin. You are here because you are a health-conscious smart person. Welcome!

As the weather changes, you get to see your skin react to it. The skin gets dry and flaky by the touch of the winter’s cold wind. That happens because of the lack of moisture in the air. 

The skin loses all its moisture and gets dry. You need to apply moisturizer to get the moisture back, but is that all? In this article, you will find all the necessary information you need to do to get silky smooth skin. You can see our recent publication on 20 Skin Benefits of Tomato.

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: What Does Soft Skin Mean?
What Does Soft Skin Mean?

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What Does Soft Skin Mean?

Soft skin means the skin is not dry and has no flakiness whatsoever. Everyone wants smooth skin, but the overall environment, poor diet, and lack of skincare cause skin to get rough and dry. So, to get soft and smooth body skin, you must take care of the skin and take some necessary steps so that your skin stays healthy and glowing.

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: What Causes Rough Skin?
What Causes Rough Skin?

What Causes Rough Skin?

Most people face the problem of rough skin, but only a few know the reasons behind it. Rough skin can result from a damaged skin barrier that lacks lipid moisture, chromic rubbing, chronic water exposure, or other irritants, Keratosis Pilaris, also known as rough follicles related to eczema. 

Some ingredients in your skincare materials can cause rough skin, like some denatured alcohol products. Also, the lack of sunscreen can make the skin leathery, dry, and rough. However, some environmental factors like humidity and cold winds will make your skin rough unless you take proper care. 

We know that exfoliation clears out the skin’s dead cells, but over-exfoliation with chemical properties like AHA BHA can cause redness and dryness and make the skin rough. You can see 12 Benefits of Toner on Skin.

How to Get Smooth Skin in 28 Ways
How to Get Smooth Skin in 28 Ways

Let’s See How to Get Smooth Skin in 28 Ways

Everyone wants to know the secret of getting smoother body skin and how to maintain it. Here are 28 ways and so much more information to let you know how to get smooth body skin and take care of it.

1. Exfoliate for Improving Texture of Skin

There are some ways of exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin. Let’s see the 3 popular ways to get smoother body skin and face:

A. Chemical Peel Treatments

These treatments help brighten the skin complexion, tighten and tone while also caring for the blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines. It also takes care of the mild scarring on the face. However, pairing this light chemical peel with a chemical exfoliating cream containing Retin A and glycolic acid can help remove all the roughness.

B. Microdermabrasion and Dermabrasion

The mild procedure that uses a fine-tipped instrument or applies a fine mist of abrasive particles on the neck, body, and hands is known as microdermabrasion. However, dermabrasion works deeper and is a powerful resurfacing technique. This one is not suitable for all skin types. Both of these techniques require the removal of outer skin cells so that the cell can regenerate.

C. Laser Skin Resurfacing

This can help your skin by using some concentrated beams of light. Also, it can treat and improve fine lines, wrinkles, and your skin’s texture and tone. Laser treatment will also treat collagen production, redness, pigmentation, and unwanted body hair and scars. However, if you get this, make sure you go for the skilled and experienced provider who will use a well-controlled laser.

2. Try a Firming Moisturizer to Improve Skin Texture and Tone

You can try firming moisturizer to tone and tighten your skin. These moisturizers can help improve your skin’s elasticity and treat dryness so that they can look more vibrant. Let’s see 12 benefits of moisturizer on the skin.

3. Skin Cleansing With Moisturizing Body Wash

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: Skin Cleansing With Moisturizing Body Wash
Skin Cleansing With Moisturizing Body Wash

There is nothing like a long hot shower on cold winter days. But hot showers strip off the moisture on your skin, leaving your skin dry and rough. Try using an oil-infused body wash that will moisturize your skin while cleaning it to keep your skin soft and smooth. You should also try not to take long hot showers if you do not want dry skin.

4. Humidifiers and Drinking Water for Hydrating Skin

Your body needs water to keep the skin cells hydrated and flush toxins out of the body while improving the body’s overall blood flow. Drinking enough water will provide the necessary water for the skin cells to function properly.

However, if the weather is humid and dry and getting too dry, you can invest in a humidifier. Placing a humidifier in your room or workplace will add moisture to the air, which will prevent the skin from getting dry. It can naturally ensure smoother body skin.

5. Never Forget to Moisturize Your Hands

Moisturizing hands is really important as they go through frequent washing or sanitizing that can make them dry. If you feel your hands are getting too dry, then keep a healing hand lotion beside your sink or on your work desk so that you can use it every time after you wash your hands or whenever your hands feel a bit dry.

6. Keep Sunscreen in Your Everyday Routine To Protect Your Skin

How to get smoother body skin: Keep Sunscreen in Your Everyday Routine To Protect Your Skin
Keep Sunscreen in Your Everyday Routine To Protect Your Skin

The body needs sunlight to produce enough vitamin D in your body. But too many sun rays and UV rays can cause harm to the skin by making it dry, dark, and flaky. To save your skin from these, you need to apply sunscreen lotions. However, sunscreen works for a maximum of two hours, so you will need to reapply quite frequently to ensure smoother body skin.

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7. For Intense Nourishment Use Body Butter Before Bed to Skin Overnight

Body butter is good and nutritious food for getting smoother body skin. It is a kind of ultra-hydrating body moisturizer that works well on super dry skin. It contains a blend of cocoa, shea, and mango butter to help moisturize your skin. These are usually thicker than lotion and cream, so, some people prefer using them at night so that the moisture can soak in the skin overnight.

8. Enough Sleep for Healthy Skin

Your body heals itself while sleeping, so getting enough sleep can help your skin cells heal themselves. However, the healing process works better if you apply moisturizers to work on your skin while you sleep.

9. Don’t Forget Moisturizing Skin When you are out of Shower

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: Don’t Forget Moisturizing Skin When you are out of Shower
Don’t Forget Moisturizing Skin When you are out of Shower

It has been proved that the body soaks up the moisturizer better when the skin is wet. So, applying moisturizer right after you shower will help you get nourished skin. It will lock in the moisture that the skin loses while taking a shower.

10. Including Vitamins and Nutrients to Diet

Not eating enough nourishing foods can also be a reason for your dry skin. Some essential nutrient foods that help nourish your skin are vitamin A, C, E, protein, healthy fats, zinc, and selenium.

11. Consult with a Dermatologist for Your Skin

If you face rough, itchy, and irritated skin even after moisturizing, drinking water, and having a good diet, you might have some severe skin problem that needs some expert help. Consult a dermatologist to ensure the skincare products you are using match your skin needs.

12. Avoid Substances Hard on Skin

How to get smoother body skin: Avoid Substances Hard on Skin
Avoid Substances Hard on Skin

Even if you have a really good skincare routine, you can still damage it by some hard things on your skin. The first thing on the list is tobacco. It not only stains the teeth but also darkens the skin. Next comes alcohol and caffeine. While alcohol stretches your skin, caffeine dehydrates it. Lastly, some dairy products can trigger acne and other skin problems. One should lead a healthy life to get smoother body skin.

13. Don’t Use Products With drying Ingredients

Some skin care products can dry out your face instead of moisturizing them. It is always a good idea to go for products with natural ingredients and not chemical ones. The products with natural aloe vera, kukui oil, or Hawaiian sugar cane are safe for your skin. These natural ingredients in your skin will not dry out your skin. Let’s see 14 benefits of coconut oil for the skin.

14. Exercise Regularly

Daily exercises will not only keep your body fit, but also it will make sure you have healthy and glowing skin. Exercise helps by increasing your blood flow, making the nutrients and oxygen reach the skin cells better. Exercising every day is essential to keep the skin cells healthy and soft. It helps to keep the cortisol level healthy and produce enough collagen to make the skin look healthy and smooth.

15. Clean up Your Diet

Avoid having junk foods and concentrate on having fresh fruits and vegetables more. Avocados and nuts contain all the healthy fats that can help smoothen the skin and retain its elasticity. Also, foods containing vitamins A, C, and E like carrots, kale, potatoes, blueberries are good for the skin. A healthy diet can ensure smoother body skin.

16. Avoid Too Hot Water In The Shower Or Bath

How to get smoother body skin: Avoid Too Hot Water In The Shower Or Bath
Avoid Too Hot Water In The Shower Or Bath

It’s always good to have a hot shower after a long workday. But this good feeling is harmful to the skin. It works as a dehydrator and takes the moisture away from the skin. Always try to shower with cooler water that can calm your nerves down and maintain the moisture in your skin.

17. Cater to Your Skin Type

People have different skin types that need extra care. You can have flaky skin, dry skin, or oily skin. If you have acne, you cannot use a dry brush or any chemical that worsens the acne problem. Also, people who have rosacea or eczema need special care, so it is better to consult a doctor before trying out anything.

18. Don’t Use too Much Soap

The soaps and scrubs that you find in the market often contain harmful detergents and chemicals that can dry out the skin. You can use oil-based soaps, or you can just plain water to wash down your body. The parts of the body that sweats a lot need soap, but the normal elbows and areas that get dry easily can work with just plain water. Let’s see if rose water is good for your skin or not.

19. Avoid Harsh Elements Like Cold and Wind for Better skin

Our skin gets drier in the winter days. The skin becomes rough and flaky when the cold wind touches it, which happens because there is less moisture in the air, making everything dry and hard for the skin to retain moisture. It is better to stay indoors in cozy blankets so that your skin can retain moisture.

20. Always Keep Your Makeup Clean Before Sleep

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: Always Keep Your Makeup Clean Before Sleep
Always Keep Your Makeup Clean Before Sleep

Most people feel too tired or lazy to remove makeup before going to sleep. So the makeup stays on the face for a long time, and the chemicals soak into the skin overnight. This can cause the skin to dry or break out and have more skin problems. So get in the habit of using makeup remover generously to remove all the makeup before going to sleep.

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21. No Smoking and Less Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are harmful to your health and your skin. It damages the ability to heal itself and gets more wrinkles over time. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, and smoking causes premature aging. Avoiding these bad habits will keep you healthy and make your skin glow.

22. Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

Getting a moisturizer that suits your needs is the best kind of moisturizer that you need. However, a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid will help absorb the moisture better and give a plumper look to the face. It will also brighten up your face so you have the glow that will scream out you have healthy skin.

23. Incorporating Vitamin C Serum To Skin Care

Vitamin C is really helpful if you have damaged skin that needs repair and healing. It has some anti-aging properties that will make your skin smoother and brighter than before. Also, it helps by stimulating collagen, which is a kind of protein that helps hold up the skin’s structure. Let’s see 13 benefits of face serum.

Adding vitamin C serum to your regular skincare routine can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays and damages. Thus it can ensure smoother body skin.

24. Protecting Skin From Harmful UV Exposure

You need to apply sunscreen with a strong SPF to keep you safe from the harmful UV rays from the sun. However, you will need to apply and reapply every four hours to stay safe. Sun exposure can cause harmful effects both on the skin and inside by causing cancer. Find a sunscreen that has ingredients that suits your skin and use it regularly.

25. Exfoliate by AHA And BHA (Chemically)

Adding AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acid) to your skincare will help the renewal process that will help renew healthy new skin, which will help you look younger. It also helps with hyperpigmentation. The BHA or the beta hydroxy acid is the same as salicylic acid products.

It helps to shed dry and flaky skin and reduces blocked pores. These are great exfoliants and help make the skin look smoother, brighter, and healthier. 

26. Exfoliate with a Konjac Sponge

How to get smoother body skin: Exfoliate with a Konjac Sponge
Exfoliate with a Konjac Sponge

The konjac sponge is made from the Asian konjac (‘Konnyaku’) plant. These sponges are soft and gentle to use on the face to exfoliate and cleanse the face. It can take the place of your aggressive exfoliator and give you softer and smoother skin without causing any harm.

27. Try Laser Devices and Dilute Injectables

Over time the skin loses its youth and shine because of age and environmental effects. You can get the youth back to get laser treatment and radiofrequency needling devices. Dilute injectables are getting famous nowadays. They moisturize and help prevent wrinkles and also lift the skin quality.

28. Take care of Your Hands and Feet

You need to use a strong exfoliant to exfoliate the hard skin like on the elbows, feet, hands, heels, and knees. If they are not cracked or infected, using a scrub will be a good idea to remove all the dead, dry skin cells.

Apply something that has glycolic acid so that it can smoothen the skin. In other words, cover up your hands or feet with a thick coating of vaseline and leave it overnight so that the moisture can soak in.

How to get soft body skin
How to get soft body skin

How to get soft body skin

To get soft body skin, you can use the dry brushing technique or exfoliate once a week to eliminate all the dead cells that make the skin dull. To give the cells new life, you must keep them well hydrated by drinking enough water and using a moisturizer. You can also go for a healthy diet to provide you with enough nutrition to get smoother body skin.

How to Smooth Skin Texture on Face
How to Smooth Skin Texture on Face

How to Smooth Skin Texture on Face

Many people feel insecure because of their textured faces and want to know how to get smooth skin on faces. There is no easy way but to take good care of yourself. Remember, if you have a healthy body, you will have healthy skin. They both are connected deeply. So, make sure you moisturize and exfoliate regularly while taking care of the diet.

You need to get vitamins and healthy fats in your body to make sure the skin gets enough nutrition to glow. Also, exercising every day will increase the blood flow, and your skin cells will get enough oxygen to function properly. Keep your skin safe and secured from the harmful UV rays and heat from the sun, or else the skin might get dark and dull.

It can lose all its elasticity over time and cause premature wrinkles. Also, there are several artificial ways to fix textured skin. You can use chemical peel treatments or laser treatments followed by dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. However, whatever you do, make sure it suits your skin type. If needed, consult an expert before damaging your skin.

How to Get Soft Skin 
How to Get Soft Skin 

How to Get Soft Skin 

It is essential to moisturize and exfoliate regularly to get smooth skin. Wearing sunscreen is a must as the harmful rays will make your skin dull and bring you wrinkles. You can apply body butter to moisturize the skin overnight to have soft, smoother body skin when you wake up in the morning.

Staying hydrated is the key to hydrating skin, so drink a lot of water to moisturize the skin cells. Installing a humidifier in your room is a good idea if you live in a dry, humid environment with moisture in the air. Otherwise, your skin will keep getting dehydrated and dry.

Getting proper sleep and eating healthy food will help your skin cells get the nourishment and healthy fats to stay soft and smooth. However, if all of these fail and you still face dry, flaky skin, you should consult a  dermatologist for an expert opinion.

How to Get Smooth Skin on Legs
How to Get Smooth Skin on Legs

How to Get Smooth Skin on Legs

Here are some useful and extraordinary tips to make sure you can flaunt smooth, soft legs in that favorite dress of yours. Try a physical scrub like a body polish once a week to remove any dead skin cells on your body. Also, dry brushing your legs will help your blood circulation and make your legs look toned and slim.

It will also help the absorption of moisturizers and other skincare products. However, if you shave your legs regularly, do not forget to change the razor now and then. Using the same old razor for a long time can give you strawberry legs that look unattractive.

Try applying a generous amount of moisturizer on your legs after you take a shower, as the damp skin absorbs moisture better. Moisturizing after removing hair is another essential step.

How to Get Smooth Skin on Arms
How to Get Smooth Skin on Arms

How to Get Smooth Skin on Arms

You do not need any surgery to get smooth skin on your arms. You need some simple, easy steps to get the smooth skin you desire. You can dry brush your arms and exfoliate all the dead cells on your arm to have all healthy skins on top that will be smooth. After taking a shower, use organic oil or body moisturizer to keep the skin cells hydrated.

Also, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that cover your arms. This will help the skin breathe and prevent the arms from getting dry and rough.

How to Get Baby Smooth Skin Face
How to Get Baby Smooth Skin Face

How to Get Baby Smooth Skin Face

As we grow older, the face loses all its smoothness that we had when we were babies. But here, we will share some baby soft skin secrets that can help you get back the smooth, soft face you lost. To achieve soft baby skin, you must drink a lot of water and clean and exfoliate your face regularly. 

Cleaning will remove all dead skin cells and oil build-ups. Having a healthy diet and reducing stress will reduce the number of wrinkles and fine lines. Also, using products that suit your face will be helpful to maintain the health of your skin. However, the most important part is to remove the makeup before you fall asleep so that the chemicals cannot make your face dry overnight. Let’s see the reason why your foundation looks patchy and dry.

Applying sunscreen every time you go out will keep your face safe from the harmful UV rays and tanning. If you have sensitive skin and none of the chemical products suit you, then go for the natural home remedies that work wonders for the skin. You can use natural oils like olive oil or use sugar for exfoliation, tea tree oil to treat acne problems, and so on.

How to Get Smoother Body Skin: Smooth Skin Tips
Smooth Skin Tips

The 3 Simple Smooth Skin Tips

By following some unique tips and tricks, you can get smooth and soft skin for your body and face:

  1. Add food that is high in antioxidants so that your skin can heal better while also exercising daily and drinking plenty of water.
  2. Give up the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking to save your body and the skin.
  3. Do not forget to apply sunscreen generously before going out and adding moisturizer and exfoliation, according to your skin type.
Korean Skincare for Textured Skin
Korean Skincare for Textured Skin

Korean Skincare for Textured Skin

The Korean skincare consists of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides that help textured skin get smoother. Apply moisturizers that have these ingredients on damp skin so that the skin can soak the moisturizer better. However, you must drink enough water and protect your skin from sun rays. Also, having a good diet and active life helps get healthy glowing skin.

Healthy food will bring every essential vitamin and mineral to the skin cells so that they repair themselves and look smooth.

How to Make Skin Soft and Glowing Naturally
How to Make Skin Soft And Glowing Naturally

How to Make Skin Soft and Glowing Naturally

To get soft and glowing skin naturally, you need to avoid the chemicals in the skincare products and go for natural skin care products instead. These are less likely to cause any damages to the skin. Also, working on the diet and consulting a dermatologist can help you choose the products that will suit your skin type and help reduce your skin problems.

Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and healthy fats will help make the skin smooth and glow naturally. Maintain a good skincare routine and never go to sleep with makeup on. Also, take cold showers as hot showers take all the moisture out of the body, making the skin look dry and flaky.

#Q/A on How to Get Smoother Body Skin and Face

How to get a smooth face 
How to get a smooth face 

How to get a smooth face 

There is nothing like exfoliating and moisturizing the face to get a smoother face. Do not forget to put sunscreen on and get your vitamins. If you live in a humid and dry area, go for a humidifier to help keep the moisture in the air.

How to get soft skin overnight
How to get soft skin overnight

How to get soft skin overnight

You can get soft skin overnight if you have a good nighttime skincare routine. Wash your face before going to bed, moisturize and exfoliate. You can also apply a face mask if you want. Applying thick moisturizer like body butter if you have too dry skin can nourish and moisturize your body while you sleep and give you soft skin overnight.

How to get supple skin
How to get supple skin

How to get supple skin

The easiest way to get supple skin is to exfoliate skin nicely once a week and then pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer generously on your skin. This will lock in the moisture and bring out the glowing look you want. 

Baby soft skin secrets
Baby soft skin secrets

Baby soft skin secrets

To get soft baby skin, you must exfoliate once every week to get rid of the dead cells. Drinking enough water keeps the skin hydrated. You can add brown sugar to your lotion for gentle scrubbing and apply and then rinse. Rubbing baby oil on your damp skin can ensure soft and smoother body skin.  

How to get smooth skin on face for guys
How to get smooth skin on face for guys

How to get smooth skin on face for guys

Guys can get their smooth skin easily by following some easy steps. They should always use sunscreen while going out, moisturize regularly, and shave after taking a shower. Avoiding products that contain ethanol can reduce the dryness of the skin.

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