15 Best Blush Brand 2021 in the World with Ranking

Today we will show the best blush brands in the world in 2021. Blushes are seen to be the top priority for makeup lovers as these little swatches add extremely beautiful features to the skin. 

They are used in a light amount and to give a good finish we ensure a good blend of it but this little amount that glides on the face almost invisibly gives a very beautiful note to a dolled-up skin.  One must-see: World’s Top Cosmetic Brands.

Keeping this in priority all the makeup brands have come up with a wide range of blushes with as many different colors and features as possible. You may check the List of Makeup Products for Beginners.

So let’s have a look at the top number one blush-producing company available in the market!

# Here is the best blush brand in the world in 2021

best blush brand 2021

01. Maybelline

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $5.49 – $24.76
Company Net Worth: $17.43 Billion
Founded: 1915
Founder: Thomas Lyle Williams
CEO: Robert Hiatt
Brand’s Products: Foundation, Concealer, Powder, Highlighter, Bluh, Eyes
Product, Lips Product, Nail Product
Employee: 50k+ People
Best Products: Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush, Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush, Maybelline New York Dream Bouncy Blush
Headquarters: Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Parent Organization: L’Oréal

Maybelline is the best blush brand in the world in 2021. These blushes are easily blendable. They have smooth and shiny features and even looking finish. It helps to enhance skin tone with a radiant glow.

After all this, these blushes are purely natural, and it makes it more unique and vibrant

Best product

  1. Fit me powder blush- Face Blush
  2. Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush
best blush brand 2021
Mac Cosmetics

02. MAC Cosmetics

Brand Country: Canada
Price Range: $10.99-$107.99
Company Net Worth: $6.3 Billion
Founded: 1984
Founder: Frank Toskan, Frank Angelo
CEO: John Demsey|
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics
Employee: 12,000 People
Best Products: Mac Shiny Pretty Things Face Compact Blush Bronzer Highlighter, MAC COSMETICS BLUSH
Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
Parent Organization: Estee Lauder Companies

MAC Cosmetics is a top number one blush brand in the world. Mac Powder blush is one of a kind. Most of them are highly pigmented so one does not need it much in quantity. 

It has a great texture and is good for even newbies. Mac powder blushes come in 20 shades and give 20 different looks to one’s face. They are a bit expensive but undoubtedly those are worth spending.

Best product

  1. Mac powder blush- peaches
  2. Mac sheer tone blush- breath of plum
  3. Mac mineralize blush-warm soul
best blush brand 2021
NARS Cosmetics

03. NARS Cosmetics

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $14.99-$78.00
Company Net Worth: $6 Billion (Shiseido)
Founded: 1994
Founder: Francois Nars
CEO: Francois Nars
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics and skin care
Employee: 1,109+ People
Best Products: Nars Climax Mascara Explicit Black, NARS Climax Dramatic Volume Mascara, Nars Audacious Black Moon Mascara
Parent Organization: Shiseido

NARS Cosmetics is one of the best blush brands available in the market. This brand gives a wide variety to choose from. Once you drop the powder blush in your makeup kits it stays two or three years in good condition. 

However, most of these are not acne-friendly and do not last long in heat and humidity, and contain talc. They claim to deliver a weightless natural-looking rush of cheek colors. They are instantly enlivening any complexion with their silky matte and subtly shimmering pans which are easily blendable as well.

Best product

  1. outlaw
  2. Deep Throat
  3. orgasm and super orgasm
best blush brand 2021
Fenty Beauty

04. Fenty Beauty

Brand Country: France
Price Range: $15.99-$111.99
Company Net Worth: $600 Million
Founded: September 8, 2017
Founder: Rihanna
CEO: Rihanna
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics
Employee: 200+ People
Best Products: fenty beauty by rihanna match stix trio, fenty beauty by rihanna killawatt freestyle highlighter color girl
Headquarters: Jean Goujon, Paris, France             
Parent Organization: Kendo Holding, LVMH, Fenty Corp   

They are famous for their cream blushes. They claim to instantly bless your skin with a fresh-looking face. The colors are vivid, vibrant, and eye-catching. 

Fenty Beauty is a top level cosmetic brand and has huge popularity among the blush market. They are easily blendable to make a dreamy, dimensional look. A sweep of highlighter at the finishing gives a glowing healthy-looking complexion.

Best Product

  1. Summertime wine
  2. Cool berry
  3. Petal poppin
best blush brand 2021
Ulta Beauty

05. Ulta Beauty

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $5.99-$52.34
Company Net Worth: $ 2.552 billion
Founded: 1990
Founder: Parker Rosen
CEO: Mary Dillon
Brand’s Products: Beauty & wellness
Employee: 44 k People
Best Products: ulta mineral blush, Ulta Flushed Blush, Blush Crush
Headquarters: Bolingbrook,Illinois ,U.S
Parent Organization: LVMH

Ulta Beauty is a popular and top-level blush company on the web. They claim to give your cheeks a healthy rosy glowing touch with their luxurious powder blush. It is luminous on cheeks and produces smooth and sheen coverage. 

They have an enriched formula with vital components like vitamin E for the nourishment of the skin. These are also long-lasting without creasing, smudging, and smearing. 

Also, they are paraben, gluten, and oil-free products and totally safe for your skin. Ulta flushed blush is especially renowned for its effortless slides onto the skin and gives a glowing finish and blurs wrinkles and fine lines.

Best product

  1. ULTA stay cheeky liquid Blush
  2. Ulta mineral Blush
  3. Ulta Flushed Blush
best blush brand 2021
E.l.f Cosmetics

06. E.l.f. Cosmetics

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $6.85-$58.27
Company Net Worth: $500 Million
Founded: June 2004
Founder: Joseph Shamah, Scott Vincent Borba
CEO: Tarang P.Amin
Brand’s Products: makeup, bath products, skin-care products
Employee: 550+ People
Best Products: e.l.f, Primer-Infused Blush, e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette
Headquarters:  United States
Parent Organization: e.l.f Beauty, Inc

Their blushes create different looks and give a beautifully pigmented look that lasts long. These blushes enhance your natural and healthy-looking glow. 

They are formulated to create lasting shadows bringing eccentric features to your skin and also flatters your own skin tone. Their shades are overall highly pigmented, easily blendable, and versatile for any skin type and tone.

Best product

  1. Putty blush
  2. Bite-size Face Duo
  3. Monochromatic multi stick
best blush brand 2021

07. Chanel

Brand Country: France
Price Range: $49.99-$108.85
Company Net Worth: $1 Billion
Founded: 1910
Coco Chanel
CEO: Alain Wertheimer
Brand’s Products: Haute couture, Ready-to-wear, Accessories, Jewellery, Perfume
Employee: 20,000 People
Best Products: Chanel Powder Blush, Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick Blush
Headquarters: Neuilly-ur-Siene, France (London, United Kingdom)
Parent Organization: CHANEL International B.V.

They have a wide range of variety in the market according to skin type, skin tone, and complexion. The powder formulas add a luminous touch of radiance to the skin. 

They are a soft and silky powder that enhances the complexions with a touch of color and radiance. The fine texture glides onto the skin easily and gives buildable coverage. 

Many of them come with easily blendable brushes for regular touch up during the daytime. As a whole, you can have this as a handy kit for your outing.

Best product

  1. chanel joues contraste powder blush
  2. chanel rose ecrin blush
  3. chanel rosewood blush
best blush brand 2021

08. Sephora

Brand Country: France
Price Range: $10.00-$52.34
Company Net Worth: $10 Billion
Founded: 1970
Founder: Dominique Mandonnaud
CEO: Martin Brok
Brand’s Products: Beauty $ wellness
Employee: 20k People
Best Products: Sephora Waterproof Airbrush Blush, Sephora Pink of Perfection Airbrush Blush
Headquarters: Paris, France
Parent Organization: LVMH

These blushes are super great and affordable for the consumers. The shades are also great with good pigmentation; not too high but moderate with trendy features.

It helps to give buildable coverage. They are gorgeous in color and silky and smooth for all skin types, tones, and complexions. They are able to give a natural flush to all skin types. 

Sephora is one of the best blush brands in the world. Both the powder blush and cream blush are long-lasting formulas and very suitable for regular uses.

Best product

  1. cheek heat Gel cream Blush
  2. baby cheek blush stick
  3. blush trio
best blush brand 2021

09. Clinique

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $11.98-$62.37
Company Net Worth:
Founded: 1968 
Founder: Evelyn Lauder
CEO: Evelyn Lauder
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics
Employee: 2,910 People
Best Products: Clinique All About Shadow Duo & Blushing Blush, Clinique Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Sunset Glow
Headquarters: New York City, United States

Clinique is also one of the best blush brands available in the market. These blushes have very good features. First of all, it stays on the face for a long. They are very good for both day and night uses. 

Most of the blushes are highly pigmented and when applied on the face after primer they ensure a 24 hours service. Very good for all skin types and adds beauty to even pale skin and makes it look brighter. 

They are faultless and deliver buildable coverage. Another feature is that they are easily applicable and give a natural look after the finishing touch. They go very well with the brush and pick up very well with it and give an evenly finish.

Best product

  1. fig pop
  2. sunset glow
  3. melon pop
best blush brand 2021
Tarte Cosmetics

10. Tarte Cosmetics

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $11.99-$62.62
Company Net Worth: $35.7
Founded: 2000
Founder: Maureen Kelly
CEO: Maureen Kelly
Brand’s Products: Cosmatics & beauty
Employee: 51 people
Best Products: Tarte Cosmetics At First Blush Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush, Glisten
New York, NY, United States

First thing about tarte cosmetic blushes are, they are amazing in blending. These blushes are super easy to apply on the face.

It is buildable and does not get cakey on the skin after application and does not break out easily. They have really pretty shades on the skin. They are super suitable for a variety of skin tones and types. One must give a try these blushes for comfortable regular wear.

Best product

  1. Cheeky claymate face palette
  2. Amazonian clay 12-hour blush
  3. shape tape glow wand
top blush brand 2021
Benefit Cosmetics

11. Benefit Cosmetics

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $11.00-$78.88
Company Net Worth:
Founded: 1976
Founder: Jean Ford, Jane Ford
CEO: Jean=Andre Rougeot
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics
Employee: 6,000 People
Best Products: Benefit Cosmetics Blush, Sugarbomb, Benefit Cosmetics Blush Gold Rush
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, Unaited States
Parent Organization: LVMH

These are really good quality blushes with good pigmentation. they are easy to control and blend. You can apply it effortlessly. Benefit Cosmetics produces some of the best blushes in the market.

Although its high pigmentation it is really very easy to control and blend. One does not have to be a skilled blender to blend it on one’s face. Therefore, It is suitable for the newbies. 

They pick up easily with the brush and get set up on the face very easily with a smooth even and shiny finish.

Best product

  1. Benefit coralista
  2. Benefit galifornia
  3. Galifornia blush
top blush brand 2021
Too Faced

12. Too Faced

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $11.95-$69.99
Company Net Worth: $10 Billion (Estee Louder Companies)
Founded: 1998
Founder: Jerrod Blandio, Jeremy Johnon
CEO: Jeremy Johnson
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics, makeup & beauty products
Employee: 500 People
Best Products: Too Faced Love Flush Blush, Too Faced TUTTI FRUITTI Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo, Cherry Bomb
Headquarters: Newport Beach, California
Parent Organization: Estee Louder Companies

They are good products with very eye-catching packaging. They are highly pigmented and easily blendable.it looks like a natural flush with a little amount of sparkling touch. 

It has a wide range of color variety which have strong pigmentation and smooth and silky features. This blush glides on the face easily, evenly ensuring a perfect finish. For all these features This beautiful blush is loved by its consumers.

Best product

  1. Love hangover : warm pink
  2. Justify My Love : Bright pink with fine gold sparkle
  3. Baby love : soft dusty nude with fine gold sparkle
  4. Your love is king : plummy rose
top blush brand 2021
Milk Makeup

13. Milk Makeup

Brand Country: United States
Price Range: $9.99-$59.00
Company Net Worth: $60 Million
Founded: 2014
Founder: Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Greville, Dianna Ruth
CEO: Tim Coolican
Brand’s Products: cosmetics, skin care
Employee: 120 People
Best Products: Milk Makeup Lip & Cheek – Werk, Milk Makeup Holographic Stick in SuperNova
Headquarters: New York, NY, United States

These blushes are very good one and the consumers love it as it goes really well with the light make-up. Therefore, these are very suitable for everyday use. 

However, it is also very good going with heavy makeup. These blushes are best for multitaskers. it is super easy to blend. They also look good without make-ups. To some users, the smell does not seem good, but it disappears easily. 

Therefore, they don’t face any such trouble. As a whole, this is a very good choice for those who wear makeups very frequently and also for those who do not wear makeup at all. A very flexible choice indeed!

Best product

  1. Milk makeup lip and cheek multi use stick
  2. Milk makeup lip and cheek-wrek: beauty
top blush brand 2021
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

14. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Brand Country: Canada
Price Range: $11.00-$138.49
Company Net Worth: $50 Million
Founded: 1991
Founder: Bobbi Brown
CEO: Fabrizio Freda
Brand’s Products: cosmetics, makeup, and skin care
Employee: 1001-5000 people
Best Products: Bobbi Brown Blush Slopes for Women, Bobbi Brown Blush Desert Pink
Headquarters: New York
Parent Organization: Estee Lauder Companies

These blushes are really good at blending. It blends nicely and all one needs is a little amount on her brush because these are highly pigmented. 

These blushes are very light, therefore, it does not clog the pores on the face. These blushes are skin-friendly and very easygoing for their users. Even though it has a rich pigmentation they are easily blendable and gives a buildable coverage in its finishing.

Best product

  1. Nectar
  2. Pale pink
top blush brand 2021

15. Milani

Brand Country: United States
Price Range:
Company Net Worth: $500 Million
Founded: 2001
Founder: Ralph Bijou
CEO: Ralph Bijou
Brand’s Products: Cosmetics
Employee: 200 People
Best Products: Milani Baked Blush, Milani Rose Powder Blush, Set of 2 Milani Baked Blush, Luminoso
Headquarters: Culver City, Caligorniya, United States

These are good products with a nice flush of colors. These are good for a healthy natural look on the face. Like many others, these blushes are highly pigmented and blend very well on the face. 

Therefore, it does not even need a perfect brush every time; you can even use your fingers to make a good blend out of this blush. 

These blushes are so flattering on the skin that they easily remain on the top priority for their consumers. These blushes are long-lasting too and give an even-looking finish after applying to the face.

Best product

  1. Milani baked blush- Luminoso
  2. Milani baked blush – Berry Amore

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